maoCATfe and Delizios Make History with Malaysia’s First Cat Fine Dining Experience

maoCATfe and Delizios

Catelier: Malaysia’s First Premier Cat Fine Dining Experience” will be held at maoCATfe, Malaysia’s largest boutique for cat products, which recently collaborated with Delizios, a distinguished cat food brand, in a groundbreaking event that has piqued the interest of feline enthusiasts and cat owners alike. 

This unique event, held in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, not only captivated the hearts of cat influencers and pet lovers but also set a new standard for feline indulgence.

maoCATfe: Malaysia’s Feline Haven:

Nestled in Seri Kembangan, maoCATfe has become a go-to destination for cat aficionados seeking quality cat products, from food and toys to care items. 

While the café primarily serves humans, it recently ventured into uncharted territory by hosting an event dedicated solely to our feline friends.

Delizios: Elevating Cat Dining to New Heights:

Delizios, the star collaborator of the event, is a cat food brand renowned for its veterinarian-designed recipes and premium-quality ingredients. 

The collaboration between maoCATfe and Delizios aimed to revolutionize the dining experience for cats, introducing Malaysia to its first premier cat fine dining event.

Catelier is Malaysia’s first and only premier cat fine dining experience.

The much-anticipated event, officially titled “Catelier,” unfolded just days ago and welcomed 16 lucky guests, including prominent cat influencers from across the country. 

A Delectable Feline Menu:

Cats in attendance were treated to a sumptuous array of dishes, including a tuna whole loin with salmon in gravy, chicken broth with bonito loin chunk in broth topping snapper Shrimp and tuna mousse with tuna cat lick. 

The menu, crafted in collaboration with Delizios and prepared with precision, aimed to provide a sensory experience for the cats, mirroring their preferences in flavor, texture, and form.

Extravagance Beyond the Plate:

The Catelier event wasn’t just about the food; maoCATfe transformed its surroundings into a cat-friendly haven of luxury. 

The ambiance featured a rich dark blue backdrop, elegant gold lamps, and an assortment of flowers, creating an atmosphere of sophistication for the feline diners.

Malaysian Reactions:

Malaysians who came across maoCATfe’s TikTok videos shared widespread attention and praise for the event. Many people were taken aback by the setup, with some joking that the cat fine dining experience was more extravagant than certain human weddings. 

The positive reactions underscore the growing trend of creating special and elevated experiences for pets and their owners.


Catelier: Malaysia’s 1st Premier Cat Fine Dining Experience, organized by maoCATfe in collaboration with Delizios, marks a significant milestone in the world of pet-centric events. 

This distinct and refined affair demonstrated these pet-loving establishments’ commitment to providing unparalleled experiences for cats and their owners, establishing a new benchmark for feline indulgence in Malaysia. 

As the event continues to reverberate through social media, it stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of pet care and the deep bonds shared between humans and their feline companions.

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