Blue Buffalo Blissful Belly Cat Food: A Comprehensive Review

Blue Buffalo Blissful Belly Cat Food

Blue Buffalo’s Blissful Belly Cat Food is designed to address digestive concerns in your feline friend. With options for both dry and wet cat food, it has garnered attention and a significant number of positive reviews. 

Key Features:

Key FeaturesDescription
Digestive Health SupportFormulated with prebiotic fiber, clinically proven to support digestive health, ideal for sensitive stomachs.
Natural IngredientsCrafted with natural, high-quality ingredients enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.
Real Chicken FirstPrimary ingredient is real chicken, ensuring a delicious and nutritious meal for your cat.
Variety of SizesAvailable in different sizes, including 3.5-lb and 11-lb bags for dry food and 3-oz cans in cases of 24 for wet food.
No Artificial AdditivesFree from artificial flavors and preservatives, contributing to your cat’s overall well-being.

Blissful Belly Cat Food Variants:

Blissful Belly Dry Cat Food:

This variant of Blissful Belly Cat Food is available in two convenient sizes, 3.5 lbs and 11 lbs. The dry formula is a favorite among cat owners who prefer the ease of serving kibble. It’s gentle on your cat’s stomach and promotes digestive health thanks to the inclusion of prebiotic fiber.

Blissful Belly Wet Cat Food:

For cats that enjoy the moisture and variety of wet food, the wet variant is an excellent choice. Each case contains 24 cans of 3-oz portions, providing a balanced and flavorful meal for your feline friend. Real chicken is the primary ingredient, making it a tasty option for your cat.


  • Positive Customer Reviews: Blissful Belly Cat Food has received high ratings, with customers praising its effectiveness in calming digestion and reducing hairballs.
  • Multiple Size Options: You can choose the size that best suits your needs, whether you have one cat or several.
  • Autoship Discounts: By choosing Autoship, you can save on your first order and enjoy a 5% discount on future orders.
  • Digestive Support: The inclusion of prebiotic fiber and natural ingredients can help cats with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues.


  • Price: Some customers find the product a bit expensive, although the quality and effectiveness justify the cost.
  • Not Suitable for All Cats: While many cats benefit from Blissful Belly Cat Food, it may not work for every cat, as dietary preferences and sensitivities can vary.

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

Many customers have reported positive results, such as improved digestion and fewer hairball-related issues when using Blissful Belly Cat Food.

Some users noted that the product didn’t work for their cats and found better results with alternative cat foods.

Others mentioned their cats’ preference for the dry food over the wet version, highlighting individual feline preferences.


Is Blissful Belly Cat Food suitable for all cat breeds?

While it’s designed for adult cats, individual preferences and sensitivities may vary. It’s advisable to consult your veterinarian for personalized recommendations.

Can I switch from dry to wet food or vice versa within the Blissful Belly range?

Yes, you can switch between the dry and wet options based on your cat’s preferences and dietary needs.

Are there any side effects of using Blissful Belly Cat Food?

In general, there are no adverse side effects reported. However, as with any dietary change, some cats may need an adjustment period.


Blue Buffalo Blissful Belly Cat Food offers a solution for cat owners seeking to address digestive issues in their pets. With its focus on natural ingredients and prebiotic fiber, it has received positive reviews from many satisfied customers. However, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and consult with your veterinarian for the best choice for your cat’s unique needs. 

Your cat’s blissful belly might just be a purchase away with Blue Buffalo’s Blissful Belly Cat Food.

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